Welcome to Namibia

Welcome to Namibia

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  1. Zambezi Region Camping Adventures

    Zambezi Region Camping Adventures

    There are endless options if you love water and a lush land; you may camp on the riverbank, floodplains or in the forests. If you prefer using a lodge’s amenities, many lodges boast convenient camping facilities.The national parks Mudumu and Nkasa Rupara, have a number of unserviced campsites too. Read more…

  2. Kaokoland - A quest of discovering Namibia

    Kaokoland - A quest of discovering Namibia

    It feels like a journey into the past, a return to a time when people rode on donkeys. You will meet the unexpected and witness the unknown. Your voyage of discovering through Namibia will literally take your breath away - Dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife and friendly people; incredibly diverse and authentically photogenic. Read more…

  3. The meeting place of two major African Rivers

    The meeting place of two major African Rivers

    Impalila Island is rich in abundant wildlife. It does not only unite two major rivers in Africa, the Chobe and Zambezi, but it is the thread that joins together four countries; Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Read more…

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