Welcome to Namibia

Welcome to Namibia

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  1. The Eighteen National Parks - Namibia

    The Eighteen National Parks - Namibia

    The national parks take up thousands and thousands of kilometres, and covers close to 20% of the country’s land - and that is only part of the beauty of these incredibly diverse habitats, as each park has something unique to offer, from the south’s rocky land, desert, coast up until the wetlands on the far, far north. Read more…

  2. Why the Orange River is called Orange River

    Why the Orange River is called Orange River

    You will awake to a wonderful show of an orange colour display. On our adventure, we had an escort of a fish eagle as we kayaked. It flew in circles above our little kayaks and later flew from tree to tree and watched us until we found our next camping spot. Read more…

  3. Little Ruckomechi Camp

    Little Ruckomechi Camp

    Wilderness Safari has opened a new Campsite in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pool National Park. This wildlife-rich area is home to large numbers of elephant, buffalo, hippo and eland. Predators such as lion, leopard and wild dog are all found in the area and bird life is abundant. Read more…

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