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Welcome to Namibia

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  1. Namibia`s perfumed phenomena: the John-Deere flower

    Namibia`s perfumed phenomena: the John-Deere flower

    Namibian may be known for the Namib desert but she dresses herself accordingly just like a chameleon. Travel anywhere in the northern half of Namibia during summer and you will find the roads lined with dense stands of bright golden-yellow flowers. Read more…

  2.  The case of the macho Kori

    The case of the macho Kori

    The male can weigh up to 22kg, and with enough airstrip to lift off they can manage to fly at least for 1 km. As male by nature have an ego, the competition of dominance is evident early in the breeding season and is exciting to watch. They roar like lions, lock bills and start to push each other around like sumo wrestlers and this is where weight plays an important role. Read more…

  3. Zambezi Region Camping Adventures

    Zambezi Region Camping Adventures

    There are endless options if you love water and a lush land; you may camp on the riverbank, floodplains or in the forests. If you prefer using a lodge’s amenities, many lodges boast convenient camping facilities.The national parks Mudumu and Nkasa Rupara, have a number of unserviced campsites too. Read more…

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