Where do I Enter?

In 2017 Desert Knights will be offering two tours; Tour 1 : 7- 13 April 2017 & Tour 2 : 2-8 September 2017.

TOUR 2 ENTRY (2-8 SePTember 2017 ) 

Enter HerE

 Group Registration

If you are registering a group of more than 2 cyclists, please send an email to Schola at dk@eventstoday.com.na / +264 (0) 61 420 519. She assists in making group entries more seamless.


TOUR 1 ENTRY ( 7- 13 APRIL 2017)



 About Desert Knights

The /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park is a unique environment for adventure sports activities, having beautiful mountainous scenery, a remote wilderness character and the presence of a major river within a desert environment. The perfect home for the Desert Knights MTB Tour – which combines 5 days of cycling, some of it at night under the full moon, and 1 day of kayaking on the Orange River.

Deserts are spectacular during the day, yet under the light of a full moon this becomes an unforgettable experience. By cycling during the evening and at night, the challenge of cycling in the heat of the desert is substantially reduced.

The aim of the tour is to contribute towards unlocking the tourism potential of the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park through staging of a world class annual multi-stage MTB event. Proceeds of the tour will support joint conservation activities of this unique Transfrontier Park.

The cost is R/N$15,000 per person all inclusive of tented camp, meals, drinks, activities and shuttles as outlined in programme overview. Non-cyclist participants are welcome, and will be accommodated at the same tour fee. Participants are to bring their own cycling equipment.


Need Help?

Contact StayToday at +264-61-420-509 / dk@eventstoday.com.na
Desert Knights Organisers at +27-82-466-1251/ info@desertknights-mtb.com
Official Tour Website : www.desertknights-mtb.com

Cancelation Policy

Please note that - although the Namibian Dollar is pegged to the South African Rand - a forex conversion charge is levied on all RSA-NAD transactions.


Map of the Desert Knights 2017 race