VIP Show - 17 July 2015

Premium Tickets have been made available for the VIP screening on Friday, 17 July 2015 due to popular demand. These tickets are available for online purchase only and are very limited - sales for Premium Tickets close on Wednesday, 15 July 2015 at 10:00.

*Online Tickets for the VIP Show are SOLD OUT*

Vanishing Kings Namibian Premiere - 18 July 2015

*Online Tickets for the 15:30 Show are SOLD OUT*

*Online Tickets for the 18:00 Show are SOLD OUT*

"Vanishing Kings" is an international wildlife documentary (watch the trailer here) on the desert-adapted lions of Namibia produced by Into Nature Productions and in association with ORF (Austria), ATRE (Switzerland) and Smithsonian (USA). It is primarily a "blue-chip" film on the behaviour and ecology of the lions of the Skeleton Coast and western Kunene Region with spectacular footage of the lions and the beautiful landscapes.

A substantial effort was made to keep the film authentic and void of sensation. After an investment of nearly two years the filmmakers have produced an epic film that is a true representation of a pride of lions in the Hoanib River that live in a range of dramatic landscapes, ranging from the coast, the sand dunes, the gravel plains, to the mountains further inland. Over the next few years all the major television networks in the world will broadcast this film, and we believe that it will be a great advertisement for Namibia that will benefit the tourism industry.

The producers have granted the Desert Lion Conservation Trust full rights for the film in Namibia. In addition, the film has been translated into Damara. We intend to make the film available free of charge to NBC, Air Namibia, the Ministry of Environment & Tourism and any other Ministry or institution where it will benefit and promote Namibia's wildlife and tourism.

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