Welcome to Namibia

Welcome to Namibia

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  1. The Namibian endemics

    The Namibian endemics

    The winter is the slower time of the year, without the glitz and glamour of the summer breeding season but nonetheless, birds such as weavers, bishops and paradise flycatchers are out of their colourful breeding plumage, and are now dressed in their day-to-day outfits. Read more…

  2. The African Wild Cat

    The African Wild Cat

    These cats have a mixed colouration of grey and orange with darker stripes on the body and orange ears, black bottoms to their feet and two black stripes crossing on the front legs - a clear distinction from the domestic cats. Read more…

  3. Endangered birds

    Endangered birds

    The good news is that waterholes or  troughs for cattle and growing millet may increase the numbers again and encourage the return of these lovely birds to the north. Read more…

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