Welcome to Namibia

Welcome to Namibia

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  1. Endangered birds

    Endangered birds

    The good news is that waterholes or  troughs for cattle and growing millet may increase the numbers again and encourage the return of these lovely birds to the north. Read more…

  2. A new species of Raphionacme

    A new species of Raphionacme

    Standing alone in the middle of this barren landscape can be a daunting experience. More than two decades after Robinson’s original find, Christine Hänel, an intern at Gobabeb, found a plant that looked suspiciously similar to Robinson’s. Read more…

  3. The lush paradise | The Salambala Conservancy

    The lush paradise | The Salambala Conservancy

    Myth has it that our two main characters, Sala and Bala, fell in love.The setting of Namibia’s version of the legendary tale of ‘star-crossed lovers’, is a conservancy that covers 930 km2 and is home to more than 8 500 inhabitants, all of whom co-exist peacefully and without any sign of civil unrest. Read more…

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