What is StayToday?

StayToday is the first Namibian website that offers online discounted accommodation bookings and event ticket sales. All establishments and events organisers are verified for quality.

Who is StayToday?

With a vision to make Namibian destinations more accessible and affordable to everyone, we put our familiarity with this vast country we call home and our intrigue with the possibilities that the internet offers for business to use to achieve just that. The result is that we find ourselves in an entrepreneurial duo of e-commerce Namibian enthusiasts.

Together with Travel News Namibia, a pioneer in the promotion of Namibia locally and abroad for the last 20 years, we’re a formidable team set to change the way Namibians experience their beautiful country.

What are Last Minute Deals?

At 10:00 daily, we release significant discounts at selected destinations. These offers are for the same day or for the following 7days, subject to availability as indicated, and can be booked for a maximum of 6 nights. Same-day deals close at 5pm each day. For more information regarding Last Minute Deals please refer to our FAQ page.

What are Special Getaway Packages?

Special Getaway Packages are accommodation & activity packages available for a limited period of time. Once bought, you can use your package anytime during the period for which it is valid of between 1 and 12 months. For more information regarding Special Getaway Packages please refer to our FAQ page.

For additional information on how to use the website please visit How it Works.


StayToday’s Events platform showcases and sells tickets for Namibian cultural, sport, tourism & lifestyle events.