The Establishment

/Ai - /Ais Hotsprings Spa

Fish River Canyon2:00 from Noordoewer

Meaning "burning water" in the local Nama dialect, /Ai-/Ais is in reference to the natural thermal springs found at the base of the mountain peaks at the southern end of the Fish River canyon. It is popular with tourists, who come for both the hot springs, and the challenging 85 km Fish River Canyon hike. The area has rugged and beautiful scenery and diverse flora, containing elements of both the Succulent karoo (winter rainfall) and Nama karoo (summer rainfall) biomes.

Namibia Wildlife Resorts is exclusively located within the /Ai-/Ais Hot Springs Park, offering accommodation at the /Ai-/Ais Hot Springs Spa and Hobas campsite.

Accommodation is in 36 double rooms and 7 premier chalets. 12 of the rooms have river views and the remaining 24 have mountain views. All of these rooms have been fitted in the new Spa complex and sit over the indoor thermal pool. So there is no excuse for not popping downstairs for a relaxing session in the pool, or to visit one of the treatment rooms for a body or head massage, to get rid of those unwanted aches and pains.

Did You Know?

  • According to local legend, the hot springs were discovered in 1850 by a Nama shepherd rounding up sheep. 
  • The springs form a welcome oasis on an extremely arid area. 
  • The springs are a popular holiday destination for Namibian, South African and international holiday-makers

What To Do?

  • Walking and nature walks. Try walking trails up the ravine! 
  • The Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail
  • Guided scenic excursions within the park. 
  • Photography: The /Ai-/Ais area is a geologists' dream; with rock formations dating back to millions of years. Visitors of all ages can enjoy some soul-searching walks in the surrounding areas of the camp, and they can also easily drive to the main Fish River Canyon lookout point at Hobas for some fantastic views and photographic opportunities.
  • Swimming: /Ai-/Ais as both an indoor thermal pool and a popular, but cooler outdoor pool. As the surrounding countrysideis arid and rocky and in summertime tempertures soar, not only is a session in either pool beneficial to your health, it also helps you to keep cool.
  • Star gazing: An advantage when travelling in this part of the world is the clear and open southern sky. It is great for star gazing, and the minimal reflections at night make it an ideal stopover for keen astronomers and enthusiasts alike.