The Establishment

Canyon Roadhouse

Fish River Canyon0:30 from Fish River Canyon

The Canyon Roadhouse is located 14 kilometers from the main viewpoint of the Fish River Canyon. Coming from the north, it is the logical stop on your way to one of Namibia's greatest natural wonders. The now fully completed and operational Roadhouse offers everything the weary traveler needs. Due to its elaborate decor Canyon Roadhouse has acquired a sort of cult status in Namibia: the good old days of the automobile are celebrated in the theme restaurant and bar. Enjoy a slice of our legendary Amarula cheesecake among coachwork arranged with loving care.

Canyon Roadhouse offers 24 immaculate en-suite rooms, a swimming pool and a petrol station. For alfresco fans there are beautiful camping sites which allow for privacy.

Did You Know?

  • Fishriver Canyon is the second biggest Canyon in the World
  • The Klipspringer is one of Fish River Canyon's most unique creatures
  • Ai-Ais is Nama and means "Scalding Hot", these are natural springs beneath the towering peak at the southern end of Fish River Canyon

What To Do?

  • Horse Riding
  • Canyon Drive
  • Sundowner Drives or Walkes
  • Canyon Mule Trekking
  • Rhino Trecking


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