The Establishment

Dolomite Camp

Okaukuejo1:45 from Okaukuejo

Nestled in the dolomite outcrops of the pristine western Etosha National Park, Dolomite Camp offers an intimate experience of one of the most scenic areas of the Park.

Access here is via the previously restricted tourism route through Galton Gate in western Etosha.

The Camp features 20 Chalets built on elevated wooden decks on and around the outer edges of a Dolomite ridge. All rooms are built with thatched roofs, canvas walls and large, wooden-framed retractable doors allowing spectacular panoramic views.Rooms are elegantly furnished with local and regional fittings and equipment, using natural fabrics to create a natural and ethnic ambiance.

The main area, with a restaurant, bar, sunset deck and infinity swimming pool overlooking the surrounding plains, offers the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate, while savouring infusions of cocktails or being seduced by the magical authenticity of Namibia’s outback.

Two fireside bomas present the perfect opportunity to savour Etosha National Park’s night life while revelling in adventure tales.

Did You Know?

  • The camp has no fewer than 15 waterholes in the surrounding areas and presents an exhilarating wildlife viewing experience
  • Specially arranged Game drives operated by knowledgeable Tour guides take you to parts of the park previously only known to conservationists
  • the Dolomite hill where the Camp is set presents a Botanists dream, boasting hundreds of plant species which bloom at different times of the year

What To Do?

  • Professionally guided morning, afternoon and night game drives to surrounding areas of the park, including access to exclusive areas within the western area of Etosha
  • An artificial waterhole on the plain at the northern end of the Dolomite ridge provides great game viewing and photography opportunities
  • Bird watching
  • Plant identification