Are The Kids Alright

Are The Kids Alright

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The Event

ARE THE KIDS ALRIGHT? Children’s Brain Development Masterclass.

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ARE THE KIDS ALRIGHT? Children’s Brain Development Masterclass.

Our children are growing up under an avalanche of information and stimulation coming at them from tv screens, mobile phone screens, computer screens, the radio, parents, teachers, coaches and ever influential peers.

On one end of the spectrum, children from compromised socio-economic communities miss out on crucial Early Childhood Development that leaves them stumped for life, suffering chronic stress due to alcohol abuse, domestic violence and unmet basic needs like security and hunger.

On the other end, children are exposed to extreme violence on daily news of global humanitarian and environmental destruction without context or perspective, often with absent parents, toxic family dynamics, unclear value systems and overwhelming concepts and emotions that leave them chronically stressed, physically and mentally unwell.

Never before has it been more important for the adults to step up and adult.

There is a wealth of scientific research on brain development during Early Childhood and beyond and to understand and implement this knowledge is the only way to change the discourse of a generation of young and little people. Our children are in desperate need of love, help, tools and mental ammunition to help them navigate this epic and overwhelming challenge called life and turn it into a wonderful, life-affirming adventure.

Dr Etienne van der Walt is a global authority on Early Childhood Development as well as High Performance Brain Development and his knowledge is surpassed only by his passion to help children to unleash their potential.

In his ARE THE KIDS ALRIGHT Masterclass, dr. van der Walt will discuss crucial scientific findings in the field of brain development in children. He will share case studies from Amazing Brainz, a non-profit organisation that he developed for the brain stimulation of young, developing children – especially in disadvantaged communities and explain how this translates to better practise for teachers, parents, health-care providers, social and community workers to change the destiny of Namibia’s children.


Who should attend:

  • Passionate Teachers and Childminders
  • Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents
  • Psychologist, Therapist, Doctors, Counsellors, Social Workers
  • Stakeholders, Decision Makers and Policy Directors in all areas of Education
  • and Early Childhood Development
  • Community Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, Family Leaders


About OnceUponMind

OnceUponMind is a small movement of ideas, programmes, workshops, talks and events dedicated to empower little people. With a little bit of magic, based on a lot of science, OnceUponMind curates and draws from the most successful brain and life skill development resources and programmes in the world to bring children, parents, teachers and childminders a Life Skill development platform relevant to our Namibian context.

I’ve spent  20 years telling stories in the advertising, film, publishing, journalism and media industries. I have learned that there really is just one story in the world and it keeps on repeating itself over and over again.

It starts with a birth, a beginning. Then Life happens. To everybody.

The individuals equipped with the necessary skills and love and support can navigate the adventure and ride the storm. They develop character, apply their minds and thrive.

The ones who don’t, never own their identity. They become anxious and insecure. They develop warped coping mechanisms and lead compromised lives, unable to access the incredible, wonderful, magical power that they were born with. All because they never learn that they have everything they need in life, right there inside of them.

The second story is tragic and unfortunately too true too often.  But if we can tell children the love story, if we can give them the tools and blow wind under their wings, then they can become their own heroes and they will save themselves.

To live strong and inspired lives ever after.

This is the story I am telling.

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About the Speaker - Are the Kids Alright?:

Dr. Etienne van der Walt

Etienne van der Walt  is a highly accomplished neurologist with a passion for cognitive neuroscience.

His understanding of the brain is substantiated with a 14-year career working as a neurologist in South Africa, the UK, and the Netherlands and is fueled by a special interest  in the development, performance and physiology of the brain.

He currently spearheads the development of the Centre for Brain Performance Sciences in Cape Town in collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch and  he is a leading authority in Early Childhood Brain Development.

In more recent years, his professional and personal fascination with the remarkable discoveries in brain science has led to his conviction of the extraordinary potential in applying new knowledge to enhance human capacity.

The realisation of this vision is the founding of Cape Town based Neurozone ®, a neuroscience business dedicated to the development of the Behavioral Code for High Performance.

Etienne is also the founder of AmazingBrainz™, an organisation dedicated to the design of programmes for the brain stimulation of young, developing children – especially in disadvantaged communities.

As an avid keynote speaker, he engages with diverse audiences of leaders, professionals, educators, and parents on the amazing human brain and its applications as foundational knowledge in a variety of fields where resilience and optimising human capacity takes center stage.

In addition to his Medical and Clinical Neurology degrees, Etienne also holds BSc degrees in Chemistry, Mathematical Statistics as well as Integrated Physiology and Virology.

BSc, BMedSc, MBChB, MMed (Neurol)