Competitions - Namibia Land Rover Festival 2018

Competitions - Namibia Land Rover Festival 2018

Date & Time
Brandberg Rest Camp, C36, Uis Map


Pre-sales are now closed. 

The Event

Enter one of the weekend competitions at a minimal fee of N$20.00. Entry tickets are available through EventsToday - on the website and on the PayToday app. Entry tickets will also be sold during the Festival. 

Great prizes to be won!

The competitions are listed below.


Gold Rush:

  • Simple & fun to win if you get the Land Rover Gold coin first

Land Rover Pirates:

  • A 12mx25m water crossing competition, three persons per team
  • Testing your balance and speed

Bushwhackers/ Campworld Tent Set-Up:

  • How fast can you set-up your tent?
  • See if you can work in harmony against the big old Clock!
  • Teamwork!

LA Sport 4x4 Expertise Drive:

  • Driving your Land Rover over a series of obstacles, the competitors will be challenged to perform activities from within the vehicle, and quick out of the vehicle maneuvers.
  • The driver will have to know his/her way around 4x4 driving, as some of the challenges needs to be done with all fours!
  • Woman drivers welcome!

Dunlop Zone/Tyres 2000 tyre change Challenge:

  • Time Trial try outs:
    Individuals are invited to see how quickly they can remove a Defender tyre, pick it up, run around a pole and put the tyre back on.
    The fastest 16 times will then go through to the rest of the elimination rounds.
  • Quarter Final:
    During the quarter finals, the 16 competitors will be randomly placed in groups of four who will compete against each other (one on each wheel); the two fastest times of each heat will go through to the semi-finals.
  • Semi Final:
    The fastest two of each semi-final will go through to the final.
  • Final:
    After a lot of wheel changing fun, the winner gets five brand new 4x4 tyres sponsored by Dunlop Zone/Tyres2000!!


Land Rover 70th Celebration Trivia Night with Ghillie Gear:

  • Who wants to win a ‘’Land Rover’’
  • Four teams with two persons per team….one phone a friend option! But the friend needs to be in in the audience that evening!
  • History of Land rover, Products of Land Rover, Newest releases, General Land Rover knowledge

LR Parts Coolest Defender:

  • Does your Defender make heads turn and do you get people walking from across the road to see what you have done on your Defender? Show us your gadgets at the Festival and win!

LR Parts Most Loved Series:

  • Maybe old, but surely not cold!
  • Originality, and special care will win you an Awesome LR Parts voucher.

LR Parts Youngest Discovery or Range Rover at the Festival:

  • Just as easy as driving one of these Land Rover vehicles…
  • For your travelling effort and being part of this great Event, if you have the youngest model Disco or Range Rover at the Festival a voucher from LR Parts!

CYMOT Treasure Hunt:

  • This is a family fun activity.
  • Treasure hunt takes places in and around Uis, no quest is further than 10km out of Uis.
  • Solving cryptic clues, riddles, or some simple wordplay directs you to a specific location for your questionnaire answers.
  • Each question of the hunt is worth a certain number of points and the team with the most points accrued at the end of the hunt is named the winner. 
  • Competitors make use of their own transport (Land Rovers) to go above and beyond for this competition.

Offroad Centre Land Rover Drag race:

  • The name says it all, some of them can go fast, just as they can go anywhere!
  • Friendly competition amongst the Land Rover owners.


Erindi @ Namibia Land Rover Festival Photo Competition

Every moment spent with your Land Rover is memorable…

  • Send us your digital Land Rover Memories in high quality size, each image to a maximum of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. All pictures must feature the Land Rover vehicle. Participants must submit their own photograph. No photoshop or editing allowed.
  • Competition Categories:
  1. Land Rover Action – Challenging through water, dunes, mud, sand, rocks.
  2. Land Rover Breathtaking sunsets - Any location with sunset, Land Rover in photo.



Bush Cuisine Cook-off at the Namibia Land Rover Festival.

The Competition will take place at the Brandberg Rest Camp.

Competition Guideline:

Main objective is to demonstrate techniques and originality for preparation of food when on safari. Only camping equipment can be used. People must prepare a snack to eat next day on the road (padkos), prepare a brunch and then a dinner. Each team will make use of own ingredients. All cooking must be done at the competition campsites. Cooking starts at 15h00 on Sunday (26th August), serving and judging takes place at 20h00.

Your food will be judged based on:

  • Taste
  • Presentation
  • Hygiene of the working station
  • Use of Namibian ingredients or Namibian "flair" – Originality?
  • Skills/Innovation in using the equipment to prepare the food (what you call effective use of camping equipment)


Amazing prizes to be won!!