“CRACK-IT” on Social Media

“CRACK-IT” on Social Media

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Vintage Coffee Shop and Restaurant, C/O Robert Mugabe and Luther Street, Windhoek Map


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The Event

“CRACK-IT” on Social Media

Today we are living in a fast-paced working environment where people are constantly connected to the internet and companies use the internet to market their products or services online.

Social media within the business and branding spheres has exploded globally over the past few years. While Namibian SMEs and Businesses are actively involved in social media marketing. There is a lack of deeper knowledge of how to effectively use Social Media to your advantage.

These platforms are extremely important as the majority of young consumers are found online daily.  To give you an idea, the overall figure of internet users is currently standing at 4 billion worldwide, and the majority of these users accessing the internet on their mobiles, notwithstanding the desktop users. In terms of social platform stats, Facebook carries the biggest chunk of users - 2.17 billion in the whole wide world. And Twitter as the second biggest social platforms. 

Many companies just want to market on social media, but they do not have any objectives or who they are targeting. What is it that we want out of being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.? Why, because, those at the top, do not really understand how social media works. It is important to determine your objectives on each and every platform. 

One of our 2 speakers is Lauren Dallas, Co-Finder of Future Females and is one of the best experts to learn from.  GET your ticket and attend our event and find out HOW TO CRACK-IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA


What is Future Females?

Future Females is a global community of female entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who are taking their career into their lives, learning the hard skills to grow in business and the soft skills to drive it. 

Our mission is to accelerate the success of aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs – to provide an environment where females can connect, and access the key resources (mentorship, funding, education) needed to succeed!

We are pro women, not anti-men. Men are always welcome! This is an inclusive event.

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