Manage your Mindset & Avoid Burnout | Future Females Windhoek

Manage your Mindset & Avoid Burnout | Future Females Windhoek

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Vintage Coffee Shop, Corner of Robert Mugabe and Luther Street, Windhoek Map


For safety and precautionary reasons this event is ONLINE only

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“It is critical to take preventative action—because the world is not slowing down.”

When you start out your business, it is fresh and new. The idea of the hustle and grind feels easy. You can work long hours because you love the work and are excited for the future.

Then after a while of view years ……. you let out a long, deep sigh before you open the door to your office. You’d rather be anywhere else but here right now. It feels like a fight to get through the basics of your work, to make it through the day. In the background, there are projects left untouched, calls unreturned, and this underlying feeling of dread………    You feel irritated. It feels like you just left your last day of work, and no matter what you do in the evenings and on weekends you never feel fully recharged.

Let’s face it: nobody starts a business so that they’ll work less and have more free time. One thing I’ve heard consistently over the years from business owners is how much harder it is to run a business than it is to work for one. In fact, many of them describe business ownership as a job that means working from morning till night, seven days a week.

Having your own business does NOT make you immune to burnout. In fact, initial research that is exploring mental health and entrepreneurship found that 30% of entrepreneurs reported experiencing depression, compared to only 15% of the general population. 


Join us on 26 March 2020 where we will learn from 2 experts how to manage your mindset and business to avoid burn out! A FREE gift awaits you when purchasing a ticket!


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