NBS Gigonomics Full Course

NBS Gigonomics Full Course

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Learn the tools and techniques that you will need to survive and thrive in the post-COVID economy.

Are you a programmer, graphic designer, or make-up artist? Perhaps you DJ or do catering in your spare time? Can you develop websites? Do you have professional skills in photography, copywriting, or bookkeeping?

As Covid-19 has propelled us into a ‘new normal’, it has helped us to see that we don't have to be dependent on one stream of income. Many of us are seeing the possibilities of turning our side hustles into fully-fledged businesses that can replace or supplement our salaries. We may be highly skilled in our fields, but lack the business smarts we need to make our hustle pay.

At the Namibia Business School, we want to support budding entrepreneurs like these and do our bit to grow the Namibian economy. Our experts have therefore come up with Gigonomics, a new course that is tailor-made for gig entrepreneurs.

This course will help you develop your business ideas to suit your target markets and manage your finances for a healthy bank balance. It will equip and empower you with the right tools through critical topics like Product Development, Customer Service and Marketing, Finance, and Strategic Planning.

Whether you earn a living through a series of gigs or work for a monthly paycheck with a business on the side, ask yourself, “Do I have the business knowledge I need to really make this work?”

If not, then register for NBS's new exciting online (ZOOM) course for only N$950*.

The course takes place over six Saturdays, starting from September 5th at 9 am. Each ZOOM session will challenge you and help you realize your entrepreneurial potential.


Each participant will receive a Study Guide and a Certificate of Completion.


*single sessions are only N$199



It is the responsibility of the ticket buyer to correctly select the intended entry ticket type and quantity of entry ticket type/s. The ticket buyer is required to check the amount being charged before proceeding with payment. Any incorrect selections requiring a refund will be charged a 7.5% admin fee.
The option to pay a 50% deposit on the ticket to attend the full course (6 sessions) is available until 7 September 2020. The remaining N$ 475 (50%) is due on 9 September 2020. Tickets that are not paid in full by 9 September 2020 will be cancelled and no refund will be issued. A cancellation request received by Friday, 4 September, will be refunded minus a 7.5% admin fee.