NBS Gigonomics Full Course  - Top-Up

NBS Gigonomics Full Course - Top-Up

Date & Time
Zoom, Online, Windhoek Map


The top-up payment of the remaining N$475 for the full course is due on 9 September 2020

The Event

This page is for the 50% top up payment for the NBS Gigonomics Full Couse.



It is the responsibility of the ticket buyer to correctly select the intended entry ticket type and quantity of entry ticket type/s. The ticket buyer is required to check the amount being charged before proceeding with payment. Any incorrect selections requiring a refund will be charged a 7.5% admin fee.
The option to pay a 50% deposit on the ticket to attend the full course (6 sessions) is available until 7 September 2020. The remaining N$ 475 (50%) is due on 9 September 2020. Tickets that are not paid in full by 9 September 2020 will be cancelled and no refund will be issued. A cancellation request received by Friday, 4 September, will be refunded minus a 7.5% admin fee.