Resilience - How to Fail, Bounce Back & Show Up

Resilience - How to Fail, Bounce Back & Show Up

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Vintage Coffee Shop, C/O Robert Mugabe and Luther Street, Windhoek Map



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“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” ― Nelson Mandela

To fail is to learn; it is a steppingstone in the journey of discovering what doesn't work, in order to pursue what DOES. And the beauty of any set back is that it builds resilience, the real key to success!

Unplanned events can have a devastating effect on small businesses. Crises such as fire, damage to stock, break-ins, theft, fraud, contractors breaking contracts, illness of key staff or IT system failure could all make it difficult or even impossible to carry out your normal day-to-day activities. At worst, this could see you losing important customers - and even going out of business altogether.  But with good planning you can take steps to minimise the potential impact of a disaster - and ideally prevent it happening in the first place.

Emotional pain and sadness are common in people who have suffered major adversity or trauma in their businesses and personal lives. In fact, the road to resilience is likely to involve considerable emotional distress. Resilience is not a trait that people either have or do not have. It involves behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone. Yet people generally adapt well over time to life-changing situations and stressful conditions. What enables them to do so? It involves resilience, an ongoing process that requires time and effort and engages people in taking a number of steps.

This event is all RESILIENCE & we have two incredible speakers TABEA BOYE and ADÉL OOSTHUIZEN coming to share their stories and knowledge. AND it’s our LAST EVENT OF THE YEAR - so join us for the after party!

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