Revive My Mind Unveiling

Revive My Mind Unveiling

Date & Time
UNAM Leisure Centre, Main Campus, Windhoek Map


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The Event

Mental health stigmatisation is undoubtedly a reality, affecting the lives of people with mental health illnesses as well as those around them. Diligent research has shown that the fear of being labelled and "stigmatised" affects people’s willingness to disclose their illness and voluntarily seek treatment.


Mental health is not a topic which is deemed open for dialogue in many African, Asian and minority communities.

With the fire of passion which burns inside me to share my own experience subsequently assisting those who suffer in silence from the matter, I have established an independent Mental Health Organisation called Revive My Mind to share awareness and advice to the victims and those directly/indirectly affected by mental health with a long-term goal of providing services with our mobile mental health clinic to all who may need assistance. 


The fundraising event is aimed to gather funds to start running all our projects and programs,

We have a range of speakers from Specialist Psychiatrist,Social workers and Mental Health Activists to give their take on mental health issues. Light refreshments will be served and a string of entertainment for the night as we pledge and commit ourselves by donating an amount into launching this great initiative.