Saving the Dead Sea

Saving the Dead Sea

Date & Time
Namibia Scientific Society, 110 Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek Map


The Event

The Dead Sea is dying: Since 1976, its level has dropped more than 100 feet, leaving its coastline pockmarked with thousands of sinkholes. But after more than a decade of research and debate, scientists, engineers, and political leaders have come up with a daring plan: connect the Red Sea to the Dead Sea by way of a massive desalination plant. If it’s successful, the project could not only revive the sea, but also help ease political tensions and water shortages in the region. NOVA follows this endeavor – perhaps the world’s largest water chemistry experiment – to save the Dead Sea and bring water to one of the driest regions on Earth.

This screening is open to the public and has a reserved number of seats in compliance with social distancing regulations. To reserve your seat, submit your name and mobile number to 

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