The 5 week Mind Body Reset

The 5 week Mind Body Reset

Date & Time
Various locations, (check the program), Windhoek Map


  • The Reset runs for 5 weeks (5 August - 9 September, incl).
  • Ticket sales are closed.
  • Read the Disclaimer before buying your ticket,  and sign the disclaimer form (to be provided after purchase) before beginning the Reset. 

The Event

Access to more than 30 fitness classes at various studios and gyms across Windhoek -  yoga, HIIT, urban bootcamp, pilates, kickboxing, Jiujitsu and more! Plus recipes for wholesome, whole food meals to make at home; as well as exclusive discounts from Windhoek's favorite healthy cafe, Bonsai Bistro. Best of all is the group support (both online and off), which serves as a major motivator to stick to your intentions. 

Visit our website for reviews of the previous Reset. 

Whatever your personal goals are, we have the support, tools and motivation you need to feel better in your body. Join us. 




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