Vol 3 - APPP - Bring on the rain!!!

Vol 3 - APPP - Bring on the rain!!!

Date & Time
Rooikraal Lakehouse, Rooikraal farm near Omitara, Windhoek Map


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The Event

Discounted Ticket / Contribution Prices: 

Dont panic ! ๐Ÿ˜Ž The high ticket price is just to ensure crowd safety, for all interested participants, please contact JB Scheepers via WhatsApp on +264811270987 to recieve your individual coupon code to get the below affordable prices. 

Coupon ticket prices: 

  • Before noon on 25 October → N$ 330 per APPPer
  • Before noon on 30 October → N$ 360 per APPPer
  • Before noon on 7 November → N$ 450 per APPPer

What is APPP ?

It's an attempt to create a unique and much needed safe social space for Namibia. Safe? We feel too often that events in Namibia are compromised because of too much alcohol, too much testosterone and little regard for fellow party goers. We try ensure a guest list where genders are balanced, filled with conscientious, kind and amazing people. Curating a space and crowd where everyone is at ease and able to express and connect freely.

Included in your contribution (we don't like the idea of tickets) :

  1. Food (dinner)
  2. Snacks
  3. Some champagne and GnTs
  4. A night on a beautiful game farm (Camping)
  5. Amazing sound, lights and a lineup of Musicians and DJs
  6. Judgement free and expressive space under the stars.
  7. Value contribution/ticket between 300 and 500 per person - contact JB Scheepers on WhatsApp (+264811270987) for coupon codes.

APPP values include :

  1. The party is nonprofit (all contributed money gets spent )
  2. Everyone pays (even the organizers and DJs )
  3. Dressup (if you want)
  4. It's everyone's party. (Everyone help set up and clean up )
  5. Farm gates get locked in the afternoon and only open after sunrise (everyone helps to build the energy together and no late arrivals and everyone camps)
  6. Cellphones STAY inside your tent (to keep everyone feeling un-self-conscious and connected). The official APPP photographer will have a limited period to take some pics of everyone, but anyone may request that no photos are taken of them. 
  7. If something can be improved, say something.
  8. If something needs to be done, then try help.
  9. Positive vibes only. (If one gets a bit too drunk, or bothers people, then they may be asked to go to bed by the organizers. Your fun cannot be at the expense of others)
  10. Priority on limited spots will be given to couples, women and artists.
  11. Express your gratitude for everyone and each other.

 All APPPers must bring :

  1.  Camping equipment
  2.  5 liters of water
  3.  Awesome and/or silly outfits
  4.  Something warm (in case it gets cold) 
  5.  Their own drinks (if you want more than just the few provided glasses of champagne at sunset) 

This is an organic event which hopes to positively iterate, improve and grow with each occasion. Doing our bit to help create a safer party culture in Namibia.

Hope to see you at APPP vol 3 ๐Ÿ˜Ž