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 Relax, the Bushmen carry a sixth sense to a days potential. They will custom-plan all daily excursions around the morning fire with a cup of tea. Although the details aren’t certain, one thing is, you can completely trust that everyday will be special. This is your chance to reawaken, your senses with natures gift of pure air, water and the healing noise of silence. Hit refresh and step into the clearest version of you mentally, physically and spiritually. Are you ready to rewild to your naked, wild roots?

Duration: 5 days in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy.
Group: minimum 3 and maximum 8 rewild enthusiasts
Local Rewild Guides: Ju/‘hoan San hunters and gatherers and a Nanofasa representative
Package includes:
Return transfer to and from Windhoek, tented accommodation at The Barefoot Academy, breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, a tracking certificate and a priceless experience!

Example Itinerary
Day 1: Early morning departure for Bushmanland (arrival after lunch).
Basecamp day - familiarising yourself with your new home and neighbours.
Relax, ease into things, today we focus on breathing in our new environment.
Day 2: A Tracking Quest
Reawaken, your true self, track your inner nomad.
Day 3: Traditional Hunting Adventure
Refresh, the forgotten wilderness around you, inside you. Hunt for what you want and deserve.
Day 4: Learn, Create, Practice
Rewild and open your heart.
Day 5: Final Tracking Assessment and a BIG surprise!
Reflect in a moment of silence.
Day 6: Marvel at the beautiful sceneries walking beside the sacred footsteps of the Bushmen. In the evening you could even (be lucky to) witness the consecrated healing dance.
Restore your faith in humanity and life on mother earth.
Day 7: Love and leave - Early morning departure back to Windhoek (arrival after lunch).
Remember to remind yourself to breathe…

Where Is It?

Nanofasa´s Barefoot Academy is hidden away in the North East of Namibia, located on the western rim of the Kalahari Basin ‒ the largest accumulation of sand in the world. 

The vast, mostly unfenced Woodland environment retains a strong wilderness atmosphere and is home to the African Elephant, Leopard, Lions, Jackals, Hyenas, the endangered African Wild Dog, smaller mammals and many sought after bird species.

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