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Samawati hot air ballooning


Our adventure begins at Tsondab Valley or The Solitaire Area.

With our hot air balloon pilots, who have flown all over the world and are Fluent in English, Portuguese, German, Afrikaans & French. All our flights are a duration of 1 hour & include a memorable journey. Gliding across the beautiful Namibian scenery of the petrified dunes, Gravel plains and majestic mountain ranges of the Namib Desert. Depending of course, on where the wind takes us. Upon return, passengers are invited to raise a glass as their pilot toasts to yet another dream come true with our traditional Champagne celebration and a few snacks.

Come fly with us!

Where Is It?

Flights can either leave from Tsondab Valley Scenic Reserve or from Solitaire

Map of Tsondab Scenic Resrve


Who Can I Contact?

Contact John  Almeida  at +264 81 448 4628 or 

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