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At the Wolfshack we believe that wine should be enjoyed. Whether swirling it in your glass and pulling a funny face while smelling it, sitting in a cigar lounge, enjoying a sunset over the Namib, drinking it out of the finest crystal wine flute or out of an enamel coffee cup standing around a campfire; wine is there to be enjoyed in whichever way makes you feel happy.

We also believe that life is far too short to be drinking average wine. Actually it is also too short to stand around in some shop aisle, trying to decipher wine cultivar names and end up choosing a wine by how colourful the label is, or how expensive it is (trying to impress your dinner guests).

That is where the Wolfshack comes in. We personally look for wines that will excite any wine lover. It might be something different or something new, as long as we can taste the passion and creativity of the winemaker to deliver something memorable in every bottle. Spending hours tasting, evaluating and selecting a range of wines at a time (hard work, we know), so that you don’t have to, we are able to bring you wines made with love, passion and best of all, delivered to your door for free. (Deliveries in Windhoek only)

The owner of the Wolfshack, Le Roux van Schalkwyk, started studying wine making after realising that his big oversized nose would fit nicely into a wine glass and therefore would be good for smelling wine. However, after working in the industry for a few years, he lost his way and deviated away from wine making into other professions, before rediscovering the lure of wine - Except this time he discovered his passion does not lie in the cellar but in the excitement of introducing new and wonderful wines to wine lovers, whether they’re connoisseurs or wine newbies. And so the Wolfshack was born, an idea that wine should be enjoyed, shared and loved.


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Contact Person: Le Roux van Schalkwyk

Contact Details: +264-81-409-4357 /


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