19 years and still going strong!

The Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project was launched on 28 June 2019. The project is now in its 19th year and last year we have raised a record amount of N$3 million for cancer patients in Namibia.

The Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project continues to be the biggest national fundraising project in Namibia, and its success is largely dependent on the support and efforts of our branches, departments and dedicated Apple Reps.

This year the theme for the project is “More than an apple.  It’s a fruit of hope.”

The Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) is the sole beneficiary of the funds generated. Without it CAN will not be in a position to assist the number of cancer patients that they assist. Bank Windhoek staff members, project partners, schools and CAN all work together for the benefit of cancer patients throughout Namibia.

2019 goals

The price for apples remains N$5 per apple. The Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project’s activities will include:

  • Branch/department sales
  • School sales
  • Entrepreneurial challenge for branches/departments

Donations towards the project via Cellphone Banking, Internet Banking and PayToday


Branch/Department apple sales

Branches have been allocated a target of apple to sell. The target will be divided by five to obtain weekly quantities which will be send to each branch. The apples will be sold in the branches from     1 July to 31 July 2019.


School sales

The Apple Reps are tasked to visit the schools in their area with the school letters provided and explain the project to the principal of the school. A teacher should be dedicated by the school to coordinate orders as well as manage the funds. Once the apple sales have closed on 31 July 2019, the Apple Rep would need to deposit the money as well as send the total amount of apple sold per school to Marketing and Corporate Communication Services (MCCS). MCCS will place the order with the supplier (Fruit and Veg City) and distribute the apples to the branch. The branch then delivers the apples to the schools. This process has been followed for the past 16 years and stays the same.


Entrepreneurial challenge

This initiative that was started in 2014 entails a contribution of N$4 500 seed capital to branches/departments. The money is made available as from 1 July 2019. On 28 September the N$4 500 must be returned, as well as the profit that has been made during the three month period.



Bank Windhoek clients who wishes to donate money towards the project can do so via Cellphone Banking and Internet Banking. The Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project will be listed as a beneficiary.

You can now give via PayToday! Public and non-Bank Windhoek clients who wish to donate funds towards the project can download the PayToday app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and complete the short registration process.The Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project will be listed under 'Featured' on the App - easy to find and make a difference! 

why can needs your help

With this year`s funds raised, CAN hopes to cover at least covers 25% of these CORE programmes:

 - The National Cancer Outreach Programme that provides free access for quality medical intervention will take the bulk of the 2018 project money. The programme runs at about N$450 000 p.a.

-  HPV Testing – 200 ladies will be tested for free. Tests costs N$100 each.

VIA & Cryotherpay programme roll-out programme to detect cervical cancer. Pap smears are dated and CAN is moving to newer, more reliable and cost-effective interventions. An amount of N$2 million is budgeted for this in the 2017/2018 financial year.

- PSA Testing sites 800 men will be tested at a cost of N$450 000

- House Acacia runs at a N$640 000 budget per year

- CHICA House runs at a budget og N$280 000 

- Patient Financial Assistance Programme N$1.8 million is budgeted for 2018


Want to know more? get in touch! 

CAN Namibia