Who are we?

Campus Crusade for Christ Namibia is a spiritual movement which goal is to help fulfill the Great Commission by winning people boldly to Christ, building them deeply in their faith and sending them into the havestfield to do the same. 

We aim to provide a first-class equipping and leadership training environment, preparing transformational and missional workers for tertiary and other educational establishments, churches, industries and all areas of society to bring about changed lives to the nation of Namibia and beyond.

"God changed my life through Campus Crusade for Christ. I encountered Christ during my varsity year in 2012 on the 5th of May at IUM. I got an opportunity to be discipled in an action group. Giving my life to Jesus changed it in many ways; the way I see situations has changed and now all my focus is on Christ and the purpose of my creation regarding my circumstance. The Scripture that impacted my mind is John 15:5-6, me being the branch and Jesus my vine. As a result I came to a point of understanding that my life is not my own but God’s. Being a Christian changed my attitude towards how I see myself and towards others. God also helped me with my studies, which I thought I would not finish on time." 

- Fransina Ndapewa Omagano Tituscurrently serving CCC Nam as HR administrator -

Building the future 

We hope to open a new training facility on neutral ground which will be able to regularly host large groups of people (up to 200), for the purposes of equipping leaders and disciple makers of Jesus Christ, joining from a broad spectrum of church denominational membership. We want to encourage a bigger local and international impact. Such a venue will also meet a crucial need for events like national student conferences, affiliated with our campus ministry, as well as increase space for office capacity to administrate this new development and our ongoing operational activities.

why do we need a training centre?

The primary purpose of this training centre will be geared for ‘Great Commission Training’ related teachings and seminars with preparation for leadership, evangelism and discipleship motivated by the commission of Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20 to ‘go and make disciples’.

Such an establishment will enable us to reach out to the broader community in form of providing a venue for hosting various events.The central position of this facility in the city is ideal for accessibility for those working in the CBD and those living and working in the suburbs.
Being next to NETS, Scripture Union,Philippi Trust, Channel 7 and other Christian organisations means this will increase the value of ministry these other Christian entities also offer.

want to be part of our plans?

Will you become a partner in this Great Commission? Will you commit to giving to the needs of this missions training centre?

We would love for you to partner with us as we plan for our future in Namibia!

The target cost of this project is N$ 6.3 million. We are aware of the enormity of this fundraising goal, but we believe your continual commitment will make a difference.

"When I was first introduced to Campus Crusade I met fellow young believers, hungry for the word of God and living up to the God-given instruction to make disciples. What fascinated me about CCC was their persona of a strong family bond; which to me was the epitome of the Body of Christ. It was a reflection of what the Body of Christ ought to be. 
I got to share my testimony of how God helped me throughout my university years at Prime Time. I was also introduced to missions and got to assist with organizing & coordinating of events such as Prime Times, Devotions, Movie With a Meaning etc. I then joined the UNAM team as their student driver, joined an action group, and attended trainings to broaden my knowledge.
The Swakop end of Year project was my first with CCC SLM( Student Led Movements). I got to fellowship more with students from other campuses (NUST & IUM), and share faith stories with them. I was amazed by the organisation of the project, the hard work put in by the SLM team - not to mention their level of faith in raising support (for instance food and transport). 

From that moment I knew I wanted to be part of such a team! I challenged myself to hand in a request to join after the project, which was already 3 months pass the deadline.Still, I was determined to join them. After a swift application and interview I was accepted into the team! Thus far it has been really an exciting, challenging yet motivating and greatly heart-warming experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I trust God to complete the good works He has started in my life(Philippians1:6)."  University of Namibia graduate, Cholwe Phiri -

Campus Ministry: SLM

Vision: Spiritual movements on every campus so that every student knows another who truly follows Jesus.
Mission: Win, build and send Christ centered multiplying disciples who will launch spiritual movements on every campus.
Student-led movements sees the importance of investing in the lives of students, the future leaders of the nation.34,000 students are enrolled in the tertiary institutions of Namibia which gives us a unique opportunity to influence the influencers-to-be. On the campus we are aiming to build lifelong laborers for Christ by equipping our student leaders and members in evangelism and discipleship.

This takes place in the form of:
Action groups: Bible-based disciple-making small groups focused on helping students do evangelism as a way of life.
Prime Times: Weekly fun-packed and educational student meetings.
Mission Projects: Students reaching students with the gospel, locally and internationally.
Special events: Including conferences, creative outreach, gospel shows, socials and leadership training.

How you can be involved financially:
· Support a missionary staff (CCC campus ministry staff)
· Give towards student mission projects
· Give towards administrative needs (e.g. printing, computers etc.)
· Give toward student leadership training

 get in touch

If you would like to help or find out more about our work give us a call at 061 256 017       

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