Choose Life. When confronted with a cancer diagnosis, most people's first reaction would be that of a death sentence. It doesn't have to be. The most important step towards getting healed from cancer is to choose to live. This is exactly what Yolande Olivier did when she was faced a cancer diagnosis early in 2018. She chose life, that of her own, as well as her unborn child. It's not an easy journey, and involved a complete change in lifestyle, extensive research, and unconventional treatments. Choose Life was borne out of this journey, founded by friends and family willing to help the Olivier family in choosing to survive a disease that can claim lives, but can also be overcome.

The most important weapon in dealing with cancer is to be informed of its causes, how it can be prevented, and how it can be cured. While conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is often covered in part by medical aid funds, there are other types of therapy that can also help, without the side effects of conventional treatments. Choose Life assists the Olivier family through financial assistance in the cost of such therapies.

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  1. Choose Life

    Donate to assist Yolande Olivier, as well as other families, in battling cancer.

    - Immunotherapy - NAD 450,000.00 (Sunivera & Salgena - from Hope4Cancer Clinic)
    - Targeted chemo therapy - unsure at this stage (in Geneva, Switzerland)
    - Monthly supplements - NAD 10,500.00
    - Repayment of loan - NAD 350,000.00

    GiveToday offers you an opportunity to donate to the Choose Life charity. After you have entered the amount you will have the option to pay via Card or EFT (Bank Transfer). 

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