It’s all about the IMPACT

Founded in 2017, the Gondwana Care Trust is all about sustainable impact. The Gondwana Care Trust is an independent operation that partners with Gondwana Collection Namibia to ensure that the projects and organisations that are supported and touched by the Gondwana Care Trust are treated transparently and fairly. Beyond impact, the Gondwana Care Trust also focuses on empowerment and independence. 

All Trustees serve free of charge, so that maximum funding can be dedicated to projects without being limited by operational and administrative costs. 

The Gondwana Care Trust has two dedicated projects it focuses on; The MealForTwo project and The Back-to-School Christmas Bags project, still many other independent projects and organisations receive support from the Trust.

Annual independently audited financials and bank statements are available for review upon request. 


Our Projects

The two long-standing projects most cherished by the Gondwana Care Trust are the MealForTwo and the Back-to-School Christmas Bags. Both these projects have been close to our Gondwana hearts for years but have enjoyed even greater attention since the Trust’s formalisation. 


Our vision

While the Gondwana Care Trust’s core projects enjoy much attention, many other projects and organisations benefit from the Gondwana Care Trust and enjoy different kinds of support. 

The focus of the Gondwana Care Trust is to empower and encourage sustainability and independence. To achieve maximum impact, the Gondwana Care Trust partners with Gondwana collection as well as service and product providers to support the beneficiaries’ specific needs.

With regular feedback from the project beneficiaries, detailed reports are provided to strategic partners, and our Gondwana Care Trust newsletter provides a very good insight on all projects supported. On request more detailed reports, including financials, on sponsored funds can be provided.


Support Needed

The Gondwana Care Trust is in need of financial funding on a constant basis. These funds are utilised to support projects all year round with needed goods, such as educational items, food, toiletries, etc or even furniture such as beds, tables, and chairs, as well as the transport to deliver these items to their relevant destinations. 

However, donation of the actual items needed – clothes, blankets, food items such as non-perishable goods – are always greatly appreciated the whole year. 


Celebrating Victories

The Gondwana Care Trust has been fortunate to enjoy numerous victories since inception in 2017. A few that come to mind, include the Paukeni Kindergarten, formerly named Rumwe Primary School – located near Rundu. The Trust supported the school with the construction of a new classroom and jungle gym, following the original building’s demise in a flood. The small school still enjoys support from the Gondwana Care Trust and team members from the Gondwana Collection often check in with the teachers at the school. 

With the construction of the school buildings, a hand-pump was also installed to offer the community access to fresh water. 

Another wonderful victory has been the developments the Gondwana Care Trust could participate in at Kalundu Pre-School in the Katima Mulilo area. This pre-school is the only one of its kind in the area and supports the development of basic skills in children before progressing to school. When the Trust began engaging with Kalundu, there was only one classroom for over 50 children and the structure was not safe. In 2018 through great support from private citizens and corporate alike, a new structure was built, replacing the run-down classroom.

Both schools are still associated beneficiaries of the Gondwana Care Trust and the educational basis provided to the children of their respective communities is outstanding. 


Get in touch

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  1. MealForTwo

    The dream for MealForTwo is to provide balanced meals to as many food-insecure households in Namibia as possible. Thus far the project has enjoyed massive success. In 2020 over 180,000 meals were provided to our beneficiaries such as schools, hostels, orphanages, old age homes, soup kitchens, and organizations supporting less fortunate communities in Namibia. By the end of September 2021, over 180,000 meals have been distributed, and the aim is to reach 200,000 before the end of the year. Other Namibian corporates partner with us in making this project a success. Close to thirty projects and organisations all over Namibia, benefit from the MealForTwo project. 

  2. Back-to-School Christmas Bags

    What started off as a project to congratulate children for their school achievements by surprising them with a Christmas gift, has transformed into a country-wide initiative to encourage children to return to school every year and have the added benefit of a stationery kit to make the new year a success.

    Bags are purchased/donated for a mere N$200.00 – each bag contains a stationary kit, sweet treats, a small toy for little ones or toiletries for teenagers. And if possible, non-perishable food items are also included. 

    Each bag is personalised with a note addressed to the child – this information is sourced from the schools/centres the children attend. 

    Bags are handed over at the year-end prize-giving and offer the children something to be excited about for the school holidays and the next school year.

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