Home Away From Home is a proudly South African initiative aimed at supporting President Cyril Ramaphosa's initiative to flatten the COVID19 curve. Since 26 March 2020 we have assisted with the repatriation of more than 11 000 South Africans. However, there are hundreds more who remain stranded and they have uncertain futures as they have run out of medication, funds and shelter.


HAFH continues to work with the SA goverment, DIRCO and  charter companies to help bring back South Africans and where possible ensure their safety and comfort abroad. This is done through various social platforms run by volunteers across the globe.

Those still stranded have had to face over ten weeks of additional costs for accommodation, food and medication, often at high exchange rates compared to the ZAR. Many have lost their jobs and depleted all resources from personal savings to borrowing from friends and familiy. Some are reliant on welfare and kindness from others in the countries in which they are stranded, including donations of food parcels. Some are in more remote places that would require one or more flights to get to a main airport so they can connect with a repatriation flight. The financial, logistical and emotional impact this is causing on the affected individuals and families is enormous.

All funds raised through this campaign will be under the custodianship of the Pupkewitz Foundation to support transparency in Home Away From Home’s implementation of charter flights. The Pupkewitz Foundation is the Social Investment Programme of the Pupkewitz Group of Companies in Namibia and has been in operation on a formal basis since 2002. The Pupkewitz Foundation is a registered welfare organisation that subscribes to the highest levels of governance in carrying out its operations. 

HAFH liaises directly with Dirco and the chartered flights will be arranged in accordance with laws of the SA government on repatriation and charter flights. HAFH will not have any direct dealings with any of the finances or with seat allocations we are merely marketing and facilitating the logistics of certain aspects of the flight.

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Should you wish to donate a specific US$ amount , please email us at forex@today.com.na including the amount, and we will generate a secure link for you to make the payment via card.


These are the incredible stories & experiences of South Africans that are stranded in different countries because of the COVID-19 crisis