Huis Maerua Children’s Home

Children are placed in the care of Huis Maerua due to neglect, abandonment, poverty, abuse or social unacceptable living conditions. We support children in all aspects of their lives: housing, food, clothing, school, transport, camping, social activities and medical care including therapy.

We strive to give our children the best upbringing and they are lovingly nurtured back to emotional and physical health.

Our motto is to give wings to our children
So they can fly!

Without financial support from the community we would not be able to make our children’s dreams come true.
Whilst we are a social welfare registered organization (WO8), we need financial assistance to cover about 60% of our expenses.
- Your kind donation is an extension of your care! -

Huis Maerua needs and shortages

Education: Private School fees, books, stationary, uniform, projects, sport, camps
Therapy: Continuous sessions due to trauma experienced
Food: Meat, chicken, fish, cold meat, tuna, bully beef, milk, cheese, margarine, sugar, rice, noodles, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, cookies, soup, spices, etc.
Cleaning: Washing powder, domestos, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper and spray
Toiletries: Roll on, deodorant, lotion, foot powder, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel
Orders: Vouchers for purchasing from Fruit & Veg, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, Woermann Brock
Clothing: Used and new clothing
Other: Pocket money, airtime, bedding, towels

  1. Sponsor a Child

    For a small amount per month you can help us put a child on path to normal life. You can give a one-time donation or give over a period of 12, 24 or 36 months. 

    After you have entered the amount you will have the option to pay via Card or EFT (Bank Transfer).

  2. Give monthly

    Become a member of our 'Club 700' and commit to supporting us on a monthly basis. Anyhing from N$200, N$300 or N$500 will make a huge difference! Contact Huis Maerua for more details on how you can get involved:

    After you have entered the amount, you will have the option to pay via Card or EFT(Bank Transfer).

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