There have always been orphans and vulnerable children in Namibia, but after independence in 1990 they became more visible. During that era, urbanisation led to the rise of informal settlements, contributing to the neglect of children. Since 1999, we have been working to turn this around by finding ways to bring out the best in children and caring adults – whether parents, grandparents, older siblings, people from the local community, or even further afield.

In 1998, three migrant workers from the Kavango region committed their lives to Jesus and realized the needs of children in the fast growing squatter settlement around them - a place of poverty, violence, substance abuse and neglect. In contrast to the dark circumstances, they called their initiative “Light for the Children", summarising their vision, mission and aims.

Kanaan informal settlement in Gobabis is home to about 5 000 kids between the age of 0 and 16. The majority of whom only receive one meal every 3 days. Currently about 250 kids are enjoying one meal a day as well as educational training.

With your help we can continue to feed more of the masses and bring a lasting difference to our Nation!

our vision

  • That children may live and grow according to their God-given potential and act upon it
  • To create an oasis in the desert by caring for orphans and vulnerable children
  • Providing education and nutrition

what motivates us? 

Our aim is to build a team that can spread hope to the Omaheke and beyond, by being followers of Jesus Christ – who care, minister reconciliation, advocate for justice and reach out. 

We are carried by our own momentum, always adding new capacities.
We empower our own members.
We encourage a high degree of ownership and loyalty.

For more information on our programs and vocational training centre, visit our website -  Light for the Children

our values

 - Love which manifest in deeds
 - Respect towards one another
Integrity in working with children
Confidentiality where it’s needed
Transparency where it’s expected

Light for the Children Foundation helps to mobilize the community – the children’s home society as well as businesses - and as a civil society, we are continually looking for opportnunities to partner with the Namibian government. 

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  1. Leave a legacy

    Inspire a child, impact a future, leave a legacy.

    GiveToday offers you an opportunity to donate any amount to our educational program -  this includes nutritious meals and daily care. 

    After you have entered the amount you will have the option to pay via Card or EFT (Bank Transfer).

  2. Support our team

    For every N$1 that we receive, 30c covers the centre`s personnel costs. Without this hardworking and dedicated network of teachers and caregivers, we can`t accomplish our work. 

    Every little helps! After you have entered the amount you will have the option to pay via Card or EFT (Bank Transfer).

  3. Help us grow

    We work to build a conducive learning environment for both children and community members. 

    After you have entered the amount you will have the option to pay via Card or EFT (Bank Transfer).

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