Who is MESANA?

The Medical Students’ Association of Namibia (MESANA) is a student run organization at the University of Namibia: School of Medicine Campus.

Our mission is to:

  • Introduce national and global health issues to future physicians and pharmacists
  • We want to develop culturally sensitive healthcare students with the intent to influence the inequalities that shape the health of Namibian society

The Goal of the Association is to serve both the community and medical students. We want to achieve this by: 

  • Empowering medical students in using their knowledge and capacities for the benefit of society
  • Providing a forum for medical students to discuss topics related to individual and community health education and science, and to formulate policies from such discussions
  • Promoting and facilitating professional and scientific interactions as well as projects and extracurricular training for medical students, encouraging a deeper intercultural exchange

Why is MESANA raising funds?

We want to give back to our community. This is our chance to invest in a future generation of doctors and pharmacists, and hopeful changemakers! Supporting MESANA not only raises much needed awareness; but also ensures a better, safer future for Namibia`s healthcare system. 

Health is so much more than just the physical; this is especially true for children admitted(often for long periods of time), to the paediatric surgical ward (7A) of Katutura State Hospital. They have no playroom while the wardrooms,bathrooms and ablution facilities are all dilapidated.This has an inevitable effect on their general wellbeing and recovery process. 

What will MESANA be doing with the funds?

We did it!.....Well, almost. 

After months of fundraising, navigating through tricky red tape,endless proposals and waiting for approval; MESANA managed to raise enough funds for the renovation of the Katutura State Hospital! Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported our efforts! 

Now for the next challenge: we need your help to reach the next milestone! Even though we have received a significant donation from Nampower, we are still in need of additional funding to completely renovate the Paediatric Surgical Ward of Katutura State Hospital.

A quantity surveyor has assessed the ward and the following was quoted for:

Summary of basic material list (based on physical measurements on site)

  • Kick plates N$ 2 411.72
  • Glass N$ 5 712.18
  • Sanitary fittings N$17 560.69
  • Wooden doors, brushes N$ 45 000.00
  • Vinyl floor and wall coverings: N$ 68 475.00
  • Paint N$ 68 131.01
  • Sub-total:
  • TAX @ 15% N$ 207 295.61

TOTAL: N$ 238 289. 95


*The full report compiled by the quantity surveyor is available and if you would like to look at it please email c.badenhorst18@gmail.com *