The Namibian National Association of the Deaf (NNAD) was established in 1991 and is registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Service as a Welfare Organization. NNAD is committed to advocating for equal rights and opportunities for all deaf children and adults in Namibia.

The Namibia Inter-censal Demographic Survey indicates that there are 24,942 deaf individuals spread over the vast land mass of the country, which is a complicating factor in deaf individuals having access to information and interpretation services. Namibian Sign Language is utilised as a first language by Deaf individuals and interpretation of other spoken languages into Namibian Sign Language in everyday settings such as a university lecture room is lacking.The NNAD advocates for equal education opportunities and will ensure that deaf university students are provided with a sign language interpreter to ensure that they are able to understand the teaching and successfully complete their studies.

why support NNAD?

Your generous donation will specifically be utilised to provide a Namibian Sign Language interpreter for the second deaf student in Namibia to enrol in tertiary education and successfully complete his first two years of study. This student has overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and will continue being an inspiration and source of assistance for many deaf students to follow.

Initially funds will be used to pay for a full time Namibian Sign Language interpreter for a specific deaf student enrolled at UNAM. (N$ 20 000 per month for 10 months= N$ 200 000).

Additional funds will be used in the development and furtherance of Namibian Sign Language in terms of creating an electronic database of Namibian Sign Language (NSL) terms to be turned into a NSL app; teaching of NSL to new interpreters; and translating important written documents such as the Namibian Constitution into NSL.

Meet Anatoly Uulenga

Anatoly Uulenga, a deaf student, was born and raised in a country that does not necessarily always care for individuals with hearing impairments;  he struggled in a family that often misunderstood his needs. After passing Grade 10, he had to relocate to an informal settlement with an uncle who simply housed him to provide his need for shelter. It was here where he would go to bed on an empty stomach and study by candlelight. 

Undeterred, Anatoly`s tenacity and determination paid off and he managed to score enough points for varsity. His first year at UNAM was challenging; towards the end of his first semester his 0/20 score pushed him to restrategize and plan forward. Anatoly presevered, despite having to cope without an interpreter for sometime. 

At the start, the odds seemed against him: an uncaring father, a mother living far away, a minority language and the absence of a consistent mentor. 

But Anatoly has an innate will to win and these obstacles only proved to flame his determination. 

It`s his final year and he needs your support.  

If he graduates, he will only be the second locally trained and qualified deaf teacher in Namibia! We need to raise enough funds to ensure that Mrs Selma Moses - the only sign language interperter in Namibia with a degree, is able to continue assisting Anatoly during his third and final year at UNAM.  

Let`s help Anatoly receive the qualification and profession he has worked hard to earn. 

New Era`s reporting on the campaign: Attorney General to take action






  1. Stand with Anatoly

    Anatoly Ulenga has just one year to go before he graduates from UNAM. This dream will not be possible unless you and I step in. He is in desperate need of a full time Namibian sign language interperter to support him during his final year. 

    GiveToday offers you an opportunity to donate any amount to our cause. After you have entered the amount you will have the option to pay via Card or EFT (Bank Transfer). 


  2. Give to NNAD

    Donate towards our development of a pioneerig electronic database for a Namibian Sign Language (NSL) app. Support us in creating change and access to information and training. 

    GiveToday offers you an opportunity to donate any amount to our cause. After you have entered the amount you will have the option to pay via Card or EFT (Bank Transfer). 


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