Namibia Special Need Adults Centre  is the first day facility of its kind in Namibia who caters for adults with  disabilities.  

What we do

Clients at he centre are introduced to a wide variety of projects all aimed at integrating them into the community again. Projects include; art and crafts, gardening, exercise and more.

The center is open from 7am to 5pm from Monday to Friday

We focus on developing clients individually by introducing them to different neurological concepts on a daily basis, aimed at their specific needs and abilities. In addition to the projects and activities we provide we also offer acess to a variety of therapies including- occupational- , speech and physical therapy. 

Namibia Special Need Adults Centre also provides our adults with special needs a platform to communicate, meet and interact with other people in the same situation they are. These interactions are vital to personal development and is often non-existent as most adults with special needs remain isolated at home or elsewhere. 

Success stories 

as written by founder Anita Nangombe;

One mother of our clients came to me and said, Thank you Anita! And I asked for what? She said my son is 25 years old and now its the first time that he comes home tells me about how his day was and goes to bed after dinner because he is tired, because he worked so hard.

Normally he stays up until late with us bored because he did not do anything the whole day.

 Another caregiver told me, she takes care of her cousin who had a car accident.  Since the centre is open our family has a peaceful life again. We were fighting and arguing all the time because taking care of a disabled adult takes a lot of energy. Now he comes home, tells us how his day was and actually can participate in the family conversations. This is wonderful since he can also tell things and bring news home,before the centre he was 24/7 at home except when he went to his therapies.


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  1. Transport Costs

    Currently our biggest challenge is transport

    Most of the clients caregivers work and thus cannot transport them to and from the center daily. We do currently offer transport assistance where clients are picked up and dropped off at home, but the vechile we use is not wheelchair friendly, which excludes alot of our clients who still have to get to the center on their own.  The best option would be to acquire a bus that can be converted to accomodate wheelchairs, and that is big enough to transport all clients and staff when we go on daytrips or excursions.

    All our funds will be used for:

    • Acquiring a Bus or suitable transport 
    • Assisting Clients who cannot afford centre fees
    • Therapy materials
    • Arts and Crafts supplies
    • Gardening Project support with soil, materials, tools

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