The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with communities and economies across the globe being affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic, Namibia not being an exception. The only way to combat the COVID-19 pandemic is by coordinating our efforts to combat the virus. We aim to bring together the Government, corporate Namibia and individual Namibians to help respond to the needs of our country.

With our healthcare professionals at the forefront of this pandemic, they are extremely vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and will be unable to deliver care as a result. There are not enough gloves, gowns and protective masks at hospitals, emergency rooms or doctors’ offices. There is also a shortage of ventilators in Namibia – a device used to support patients critically ill with COVID-19 to breathe. Our healthcare system is stretched to capacity. 

Therefore, we call on our fellow Namibians and corporate Namibia to join the fight against COVID-19 by donating to this worthy cause. 

There is a global race to purchase protective gear and ventilators and we need to secure as many of these items as possible, as soon as possible, for Namibians. Your donation will assist us in securing the funds that are required to pre-order these items from manufacturers that have been vetted by the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders response group, and who have priced the items responsibly. We encourage you not to delay your donation as supplies of these much needed items are being depleted as fast as what they are making their way onto the market as countries from across the globe buy them up.

All funds raised through this Citizens’ Campaign will be under the custodianship of the Pupkewitz Foundation. The Pupkewitz Foundation is the Social Investment Programme of the Pupkewitz Group of Companies and has been in operation on a formal basis since 2002. The Pupkewitz Foundation has a demonstrated, ongoing commitment to improve the lives of Namibians disadvantaged by their social or economic situations. The Pupkewitz Foundation is a registered welfare organisation that subscribes to the highest levels of governance in carrying out its operations. 

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  1. Citizen's Campaign COVID-19 Response


    40% of all Namibians live in informal settlements that is 995 000 people without running water and 0% social distancing. These conditions make it very hard to control the spread of Covid-19 virus. 

    Donations received will go towards:

    -         Purchasing of protective gear, masks and gloves and

    -         Purchasing of ventilators for the Ministry of Health and Social Services

    Your donation is greatly appreciated in the national effort supporting our  Country to respond to COVID-19!

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