who is p.a.y.? 

P.A.Y.(Physically Active Youth), a non-profit organization founded in programme is a dynamic after-school centre in Katutura which provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for Namibian children and youth coming from disadvantaged communities. We cater for learners in Grades 1 to 12 as well as out-of-school children.

Our work is hinged on three pillars: quality education, sport and life skills.The Life Skills programme seeks to give learners the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle choices, in order to achieve physical, mental and social wellbeing. Our Life Skills pedagogy embraces a holistic approach to a child and is a fine thread that runs through and connects the other two pillars, education and sports.

meet the elite cycling team

We are Tuhafeni, Melki and Mauren - the elite cycling team from the non-profit organization P.A.Y`s cycling club.

Help us race the Nedbank Desert Dash in December 2018 by supporting #RidetheGap and raising the funds needed for three new mountain bikes for our team! The Nedbank Desert Dash is a highlight in the MTB cycling calendar, one that requires hard work and dedication; of which we have ample supply! However, we are struggling with the cost of buying new professional bikes that will give us a fair shot at crossing the finish line. For years we have been the proud owners of these bikes - they took us to podiums and victories, but they are now worn out. Heavy and old, they cost an arm and a leg to maintain. Our fellow riders are using much lighter and faster bikes which gives them an advantage.

Competitive cycling is cost-prohibitive and most people in our community do not have access to it. This campaign is one of many steps that aims to create access to a previously unattainable sport for us and other youth that will follow.

Despite being ill-equipped compared to many of our fellow racers, we have ranked high in several races throughout the years. We could not have done this without the generous practical and financial support we have received from you.

Stand with us in the gap and be one of our partners in helping us cross the finish line!

our dreams 

On more than one occasion fellow cyclists have been impressed with the exemplary character exhibited by these three boys. They have brought strong accolades to PAY for incredible acts of care and sportsmanship. 

At P.A.Y., we aspire to see Tuhafeni, Melki and Mauren achieve their dreams and grow in their strength as commited cyclists. In their own words:

"I am on a quest to become of of Namibia`s top cyclists and represent my country on a professional level." - Melki 

"I want to become a computer programmer and to build an IT company that will solve social and political problems, protecting my country against cyber attacts and online bullying. To achieve my goals I need to pay for my tuition fees. I would love to get a sponsorship for my studies or ride the Nedbank Desert Dash." - Mauren

"I am passionate about this sport. Cycling has brought me some amazing things, one of them being meeting great people - so many laughs and tough training sessions! Along with so many helpful advice, support, achievements and podium wins. I am fortunate enough to be a part of P.A.Y. and take pride in being able to say P.A.Y. has contributed much to being who I am today." - Tuhafeni


Read more about us here: Elite Cycling Team  or visit our website paynamibia

See how much we`ve raised so far and join the journey: Our indiegogo campaign

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    Help us race the Nedbank Desert Dash in December 2018 by supporting #RidetheGap! We are hoping to raise funds for 3 new mountain bikes and are specifically looking at Scott Spark RC900. 

    GiveToday offers you an opportunity to donate any amount to our goal. After you have entered the amount you will have the option to pay via Card or EFT (Bank Transfer).

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