We are a group of SAFFAS stranded in various countries in Europe due to the South African and worldwide lockdown. The extended lockdown and closure of South African borders is preventing us from returning home due to red tape, no commercial flights, limited repatriation flights, very low funds and closed borders. Six of us raised our hands to run with this initiative and create the fundraiser. Four of the six are not stranded anymore and are back at their homes in South Africa.

Most of us have fully paid return tickets, which we cannot use as commercial flights are not being allowed to land in South Africa.  Some of us, were working abroad and due to Covid-19 and the consequent fall out, have lost our jobs in these countries and have no further income. We have thus also lost our accommodation and are in dire straits. There are some of us who have tried to use our own resources and are now sitting with several flight tickets which cannot be honoured and are not receiving refunds, with airlines only issuing vouchers to be used in future.

The cost of the repatriation flights on offer have so far been astronomical and while the initial SAA flights were partially subsidized by government, the most recent flights through other airlines and charter companies are not. Many of us simply do not have the means to cover the transportation costs of even getting to the various airports, not to mention actually paying for the flights home.

Some people have made it but there are still approximately 29 South African Citizens stranded in Europe who have indicated that they are in need of funds for flights, at approximately R30,000 per person, depending on flights and how much each individual is able to afford. In total around R800,000.00

We’re running on a “per project” basis so the initial amount needing to be raised is R80,000.00.  Thereafter we will set a new target to be raised.

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  1. Repatriation Flight Costs

    The funds will be paid out for repatriation flights of a specific group of South African citizens stranded in several countries across Europe, as well as necessary costs to travel to certain airport

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