Give your loved ones a gift that changes lives, give a SANgift. 

What are SAN-Gifts?

SAN-Gifts are really life-saving and life-changing gifts that are given to the Ju/´hoansi SAN communities that we work with throughout the year. They give the Bushman or woman a great sense of satisfaction and provide a practical item for the field; empowering and protecting the lives of the San people and their environment. 

The most needed gifts this year is the gift of work creation, training, and skill development. 

*Give the gift of LOVE to a Ju/´hoan San women to continue her job as a bush scientist and traditional teacher of the younger generation.
*Give the gift of HOPE to the San youth that needs a sponsor to help them get started with a life filled with hope and opportunity. 
*Give the gift of STRENGHT to a Ju/´hoan San Tracker to continue his job as a Tracker Teacher and Wildlife Shepherd passing on the art of tracking to the younger generation and protecting Namibia's wilderness areas and endangered animals.

How do SAN-Gifts work?

When you donate to Nanofasa Namibia Trust and buy a SAN-Gift certificate for friends or family, it is immediately dispatched to the project that you decided to support. A beautiful certificate describing your life-changing gift is sent to your email, so you can print it out and deliver it to your loved one.


About Nanofasa Namibia Trust

Nanofasa Namibia Trust is a non-profit trust working with the Ju/´hoan San people. Nanofasa works to ensure healthy and productive interactions between nature, culture and communities. Improved human wellbeing and ecosystem health is essential for the sustainability of our planet and its people. We strive to ensure upliftment and empowerment of the ancient San communities living adjacent to conservation areas in areas of operation.

We believe that we all have something to learn from each other and that ancient knowledge should not be forgotten and disregarded, but rather be transformed into a modern work opportunity.

The Barefoot Academy is our main project engine, where the elders pass on their knowledge and provide a traditional based enducation to the younger generation.

The Projects running through the The Barefoot Academy curreny are:
The Wildlife Shepherd Tracking Project; the Adventure Student Project (people who come to learn about nature and culture from our San mentors); The San-dal Project; and the Wild at Research Project, which is a research and tracking project where we strive to ensure the general ecosystem health in the last wild zone in the North East of Namibia.

Nanofasa is dedicated to protect, manage and sustain the cultural and natural integrity of the Ju/´hoansi communities and their environment.
Our track is green, what colour is yours? 
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