about SisterPADS

SisterPADS offers a sustainable solution to a monthly reality. Through our cost-effective, eco-friendly, washable and re-usable sanitary pads we aim to improve girls’ menstrual health hygiene and welfare. SisterPADS is focused on effecting increased school attendance and subsequent academic performance. Instead of fearing embarrassment and therefore being held back by something as natural as menstruation, SisterPADS promotes agency and mobility.

Sister Namibia believes that every girl deserves education and dignity. No girl should have to stay home from school because she can’t afford pads. We believe that the SisterPADS offer girls opportunity, allowing her to become an agent of change in her own life. By eliminating this barrier to attending school, girls are empowered and have the ability to excel and complete their education.

Why the Pads? 

  • 1 in 10 African girls misses 3-5 days of school per month due to lack of sanitary materials
  • This amount to a total loss of 15-25% of an academic year

What are the benefits of SisterPADS?

  • Mobility during menstruation
  • Joy over not missing school anymore
  • A sense of security
  • Happiness over saving money
  • Opportunity to study more
  • The ability to stay clean
  • Freedom from leaks and embarrassment

What is the value of SisterPADS? 

  • A sustainable solution – the pad lasts for up to two years
  • Budget friendly
  • Increased school attendance
  • Enables greater academic performance
  • Confidence levels increase
  • Female reproductive biology can be embraced instead of stigmatized
  • Minimises emotional distress
  • Mobility enables hope and motivation
  • Environmentally friendly by limiting plastic waste from disposable pads

What are SisterPADS made of? 

  • 100% cotton and ProSoft Waterproof PUL, produced in the USA
  • The PUL is USA Consumer Product Improvement Act certified
  • The waterproof PUL is the key component of SisterPADS and is breathable, soft, stretchy, flexible and durable


How Can I Support SisterPADS?

So far, SisterPADS has been able to provide 1000 girls with pad kits. However, we want to reach thousands more to help empower all girls in Namibia who are trying to get fair access to education.

By purchasing a SisterPADS kit for US$15/ N$200, your money will go to Sister Namibia who will assemble the pads kit and directly distribute it to girls in need. YOU can make a big difference by helping girls access their right to education.

ONE KIT, ONE GIRL = N$200.00

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Note: *Health and Safety approval of SisterPADS forthcoming*