We-Are-Capable Namibia (WaC Namibia) is an independent, non-profit  organization with a sole purpose of applying data science approaches for solving societal challenges.

We aim to idealize this purpose by gathering, analysing and exploring data in collaboration with other public or private organizations for the discovery of insight that may help in the alleviation of poverty, crime, drop-out in education, weak health sector and resource allocation in order to strengthening the Namibian economy.

Nowadays, the need for government institutions to implement data mining techniques for the purpose of offering data-driven services and products is a necessity; this is because data embeds the knowledge required for effective decision making. We aim to help and enable our government, public and private organizations make the best-informed decision, through use of data analysis which when applied within specific areas can assist in resolving humanitarian challenges. In addition, we are a group and part of the data for good world organisation with a core value of using data for good to mitigate humanitarian in order to improve the welfare and living standard of people.

Our work includes free provision of python training to the community and its application in Data science; provision of support and services which are mostly targeted towards collection of data for processing and analysis from Namibia communities.   To achieve this noble objective, funding our recurrent activities remain a challenge. We therefore, need sustainable funding to enable us provide services that are consistence with our value as we envisage the collection of relevant data from the length and breadth of Namibia. As a result, we require funding for the training of community data collectors, transportation, and lodging and accommodation of local and international experts.


  1. Running Cost

    As the organization is still in it's start-up phase they are in need of ;

    • Computers to be used by volunteers
    • printers
    • 2 mini server computers (main & Backup Office)
    • Internet connection for 1 year
    • Office Furniture.
    •  Office rental for 1 year, this is estimated to total N$17000 per year.
      In addition We are analyzing data for good, at the moment we are working on analyzing data for local schools in Windhoek, to execute this project fully we need to budget N$52000 this includes experts volunteer flight  tickets, their accommodations, and employee’s ruminations.

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