a country in crisis

A wise man once said; no one has ever become poor by giving. Today we face a problem; it isn’t a new one, but an enduring one. Poverty is defined by the dictionary as “The state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or a means of support”.
This is an extremely vague definition and covers poverty as a whole, while most of you reading this have never really experienced poverty as a real element in life. 

Poor rainfall in the past two years have drastically depleted water resources in the Khomas and Erongo regions. The deepening drought was further worsened by the building restrictions implemented by the government -  during the first quarter of 2017 it was recorded that about one third of all employees in the construction industry will be laid down as a result of these restrictions. In addition, employees in the agricultural sector will also face huge financial tough times as a result of continious drought. This creates more poverty in a country with an already low unemployment rate. The negative global economic climate and a very unstable South African Rand and Namibian Dollar also does not help much. The result is poverty profilerating at a very serious level in our Land of the Brave. 

Despite these circumstances, we still believe in a Namibia where impossible is just an opinion! Either GO BIG - or go home. 

who are the winter knights? 

Luckily we have a handful of young men who call themselves the RoundTable Namibia Winter Knights! Why do we call ourselves Knights? According to Google, the characteristics of a Knight are; “He is the very essence of chivalry, honor and courage. Similarly, he is the epitome of refinement – a man who loves truth, freedom and honor. Everyone in the pilgrimage looks up to and respects him. Despite his elevated position, the knight is also filled with humbleness.” I could not find a better and more suitable description....

It`s an early chilly morning on July 2nd and a group of young brave Winter Knights gathered in Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund and manned over 40 busy intersections in the three towns to collect cash, blankets, tinned food and clothes for the under privileged. As charity is a numbers game, we could not achieve this act alone, and we had to induct brave mortals as knights for a single day. We stood together, faced the cold and manned the different intersections from 06:00 till 08:00. We achieved this through permission granted by the City Police Traffic Division and various other authorities. Motorists passing by donated cash, blankets, tinned food, clothes and blankets in abundance! The crazy duo from Radio Wave`s Waking Crew 2.0, Deon and Jarred (aka Vanilla Gorilla), together with our very own Ginger Ninja, squeezed into a small yet colourful Suzuki who drove around and visited as many intersections as possible. RadioWave 96.7 - our main media sponsor, has made a tremendous effort in assisting us in making the huge project a reality.

The whole project ran only for two hours, and when all the Winter Knights withdrew from the various corners, the real work started. The daunting task of sorting and counting the collected cash was done by fellow Winter Knights, volunteers from companies involved as well as the dedicated crew from GDS, who also supplied the counting equipment. We are thankful for the members of the Namibian Police Force who were also on site to keep a watchful eye during the counting process.

The donated clothes, tinned food and blankets were sorted with the help of volunteers of Rotary Club Namibia as well as the personnel of Dynamic Mobile Solutions. Even after the initial project was over, we were still contacted by sponsors, individuals and institutions from all over the country who made donations towards our projects. This year we had different means of donations available prior and after the event.

This year, anyone can sms the word 'WINTER' to 5005 and donate N$5 per sms, proudly sponsored by Dynamic Mobile Solutions. Donations can aslo be made via GiveToday and PayToday. 

Will you join us?  Let`s give back to our communities! 


about roundtable namibia

Round Table is a non-political, non-racial association of young men between the ages of 18 and 40, embracing representatives of nearly every
profession and occupation. Its objectives are:
- encouaragement of high ethical standards
- the promotion of social intercation
- fellowship among young professionals and business men
- the quickening of inividual interest in everything affecting the public welfare

How can I help?

All donations collected are utilised to assist the needy and poverty stricken communities around us. Approximately 7000 blankets were distributed, together with clothes and food by the Round Table Namibia Winter Knights.The success of this project, however, rests in our sponsors - the companies who stand by us, support and believe in our cause. Without you we will not be able to take this awesome project every year to new heights to bring a little warmth into the hearts of the underprivileged in our beautiful Namibia.

You can give either directly on the street corner or towards RoundTable - every cent helps!

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