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08 Nov - 18H00 Show   08 Nov  - 20H00 Show

09 Nov - 17H00 Show  09 Nov - 19H00 Show  09 Nov - 21H00 Show

Windhoek Fashion Week is Namibia’s Annual biggest fashion platform whereby designers showcase their work.

Showcasing on:

08 Nov - 18H00 on Fashion Introduction:
College of the Arts Students
University of Johannesburg Students [SA]

08 Nov - 20H00 on Dress To Win:
Triumph Textile
Sammate Couture
Pom Couture
Smart Fashion
TBS- Fashion & Design
House of Poulton

09 Nov - 17H00 on Style For Every Story:
Nandii Martin
Jiggy Couture

09 Nov - 21H00 on Power in Style:
Chanique Designs
Maison De Rouge [Zimbabwe]
S.T Key Fashions
House of Cyndie
DA Broad Wear
Honeyoassie Design
Nkanda Yatu By Kabaso Nkandu [Zambia]

09 Nov - 21H00 on Fashion Domination:
Mari-leen Bauermeister
Prinstripe Hippy / Amana Design
House of St Luke